Apps Anywhere is here!

The way we are delivering software applications is changing…

Over the past few years, students have let us know that they want to access all software applications from any PC across campus and even on their own device. Historically, software applications have been installed locally on PCs in the School where the applications are taught – this lacks flexibility as students want to access these software applications from any location across campus.

To enhance the student experience, IT Services have just launched a service called “Apps Anywhere”.  With this service the applications are “streamed” to devices on-demand, thus allowing students to use all software applications on any PC around campus.

All student PCs (PC Classrooms, Teaching PCs and Open Access PCs) have the Apps Anywhere Portal  – it will start/login automatically when a student logs into the PC. The portal will present a list of software applications for on-demand streaming. Software applications are listed alphabetically, categorised by School/subject discipline and users can create bespoke favourite lists.

IT Services hope this will be welcome addition to our services that will significantly contribute to an enhanced student experience.

Soon, IT Services will make software applications available to student’s own devices (where licensing permits) and also make this service available to staff.

For more information, visit  If you have any queries, please contact the IT Service Desk in the first instance.

T: 01334 46 3333

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