ID cards: Magnetic Swipe Door Reader Replacement Project

Project:  University Access Control Project – Semester 1, September 2017 – ID card magnetic swipe door reader replacement

Summary:  IT Services are about to embark on a project to standardise on access control readers across the University.   We will be replacing all magnetic swipe door access readers (306) with proximity (‘prox’) card readers.

This means that staff and students will simply have to present their ID card to the door reader to gain access (similar to ‘contactless’ technology).  Prox readers are currently in place at over 600 doors at the university.

When:  September 2017 – November 2017 (approx)

What does this mean for me/my School/Unit?  When replacing a mag swipe reader, third party engineers will be on site to carry out this work.  For straightforward replacements, this work should take approximately one hour.  If re-wiring is required, this may take a little longer.  The Access Control team will be in touch with individual Schools/Unit Building Managers to discuss the proposed schedule of work.

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