Participants wanted – Chance to win a £20 Amazon voucher! Undergraduate students taking exams in semester 2 wanted for online survey.

Examining conversational styles about exam-related concerns and their relationship to well-being

This study is being conducted as part of my, Luisa Bergunde’s, summer research assistantship in the School of Psychology and Neuroscience.

We are investigating how conversational styles about exam-related concerns and their perceived benefits are related to well-being in terms of levels of negative affect, including mood, worry and stress and the tendency to repetitively think about one’s mood, in undergraduate students of the University of St Andrews who are taking exams.

This study will be conducted online. You will be asked to complete five short questionnaires. These questionnaires will assess your mood and tendency to worry. They will also assess your style of discussing exam-related worries with a close friend and the benefits associated with this. Finally, a questionnaire assessing your thinking styles about your mood will be included. We anticipate the study will take 20 minutes to complete.

The information you provide will be anonymous and held confidential by the researcher and supervisor involved in this project. Before agreeing to participate in this research you will be presented with a Participant Information Sheet that will further detail our research before consenting to participate.

You will have the optional chance to enter a prize draw consisting of ten £20 Amazon vouchers with your email address.

If you are interested in participating in this survey, please click on the link below:

Contact Details

Researcher:          Luisa Bergunde
Contact Details:

Supervisor:           Dr Barbara Dritschel
Contact Details:

You can email researchers before you agree to participate.

UTREC Approval Code: PS13437

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