Participants wanted for a study investigating how consequences impact the evaluation of memory-based decisions (payment £5 + opportunity to win up to £50 worth of amazon vouchers).

Study description:We invite you to participate in a research project aiming to assess how the potential consequences of a decision impact our subjective feelings of confidence and doubt. Relatively little is known about the occurrence of doubt during memory orientated decision-making. Therefore, it is important that we establish how this sensation compares to the subjective experience of confidence, under conditions in which the sensation is of key importance (i.e. when you have a lot to lose or gain).

You will be asked to complete a computerised memory task in the School of Psychology and Neuroscience. Throughout this task, you will be asked to rate and re-rate your confidence and doubt in each memory response, as well as stating whether you would like to submit each response for the chance to lose or gain ballot entries for an amazon voucher prize draw. The information you provide will be anonymous and, should you give permission in the Consent Form, shared with other bona fide researchers and used for future scholarly purposes. Before agreeing to participate in this research you will be given a Participant Information Sheet that will further detail our research before consenting to participate.

Eligibility criteria:  Participants must be aged 18 years of over.

Sign-Up:Sign-up on SONA (link here; title: Subjective sensations of memory under conditions of uncertainty).

Alternatively, if you would like more information about the study please email Josephine Urquhart at

UTREC approval code: PS13436

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