Participants wanted- Tracking arousal across the menstrual cycle.

Are you aged 18 or over, not on hormonal contraception, and the owner of an Android smartphone?

We’re interested in your response to various scenarios across your menstrual cycle and we would love for you to take part.

You will be asked to download our app onto your phone and tell a researcher a few things about your menstrual cycle. The researcher will give you some ovulation testing kits. The app will prompt you to do an ovulation test every day during its estimate of your ‘fertile window’.

When you are ovulating, you will be asked to listen to some short stories and react to them, these fictional stories are an interaction between a man and a woman, told from her perspective and may include consensual, sexually explicit content or non-consensual, sexually violent content. Before participating you will receive an information sheet that will give further details.

All participants in this study will get the chance to win £50 in a prize draw

If you would like to take part in the study or have further questions, please contact Emily Cheesman at

Ethical Approval Code: PS13735

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