Participants wanted – Identifying the Superficial Peroneal Nerve with Ultrasound

We invite you to participate in a research project which uses (non-invasive) ultrasound to examine the anatomy of a sensory nerve (superficial peroneal nerve; SPN) passing through the tissues of the leg.

A trained researcher will assess your leg (knee to ankle) with ultrasound, to identify where the SPN can be seen emerging from the deeper tissue layers.  This is expected to be around half to three quarters of the way from your knee to your ankle, on the front/outer side of the leg.  This point will be marked with pen and the distance from the bony structures on the outer side of your leg will be measured.  These markings may be photographed (the picture will only include an area below your knee). Some volunteers may be invited to have two scans of this area, on the same day, that will allow us to better understand the anatomy of the SPN. It is anticipated to take no longer than an hour of your time.

Data gathered during this study will be stored securely and anonymously and destroyed when the study is complete. A chaperone will be present during all stages of assessment if you wish, and your participation in the study is entirely voluntary.  You may withdraw from the study at any time without the need to give a reason.

If you would like further information about the study please email Katie Turnbull (

Ethical Approval Code: MD13364

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