HR Policy Updates

HR would like to bring to your attention a number of policy updates, as follows:-

Personal Relationships at Work (replaces the previous Staff/Student Relationships Policy) Could personal relationships at work get you into trouble? Are you aware there are regulations governing relationships within the University community? HR’s new Personal Relationships at Work Policy has been updated to include the regulations surrounding staff/staff relationships, as well as staff/student boundaries.

Staff should be aware that, though the updated policy isn’t designed to prohibit personal relationships, it does require reporting of and carefully managing any relationship that might pose a conflict of interest, e.g. a staff member and a student or a line manager and a member of his or her team.  All staff are encouraged to read the new Personal Relationships at Work Policy in full and be aware of these requirements.

Dignity and Respect at Work Policy (replaces the previous Harassment and Bullying at Work and Study Policy) and a more streamlined Grievance Policy:  These policies outline your rights in the work place and what to do if you feel these are being breached or are have an issue with the behaviour of a member of staff.

Sickness Absence Policy  The Sickness Absence Policy has also been updated, to include some changes regarding Occupational Health referrals, how to report absence and employee obligations when off on sickness absence.

No more paper recording – Sickness reporting is now available online. When a staff member calls in sick, absences and returns are now recorded via HR Self-Service, providing a more confidential, secure and timely reporting system. Reporters are responsible for absence reporting; staff members for reporting their return to work which, if not done properly, can result in loss of pay. User guides on Self Service Reporting can be accessed via:

If you have any queries regarding the policy updates, please do not hesitate to contact

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