Participants wanted for a mindfulness study

This study is being conducted as part of my (Aleksandra Eriksen Isham) PhD research project at the School of Psychology and Neuroscience.

We invite you to participate in a research project examining how mindfulness training affects the way individuals remember personal experiences. Participants should be fluent in English and in the age range 18-65 years old.

The study includes two groups: one which will take part in an online mindfulness training program over a period of eight weeks, and one that will be invited to complete the mindfulness training program after the study period has ended. All participants will be asked to complete measures (questionnaires and interview) of autobiographical memory, emotion regulation, psychological symptoms and style of thinking and experiencing the world, as well as a memory diary.

Individuals who are interested in participating in the study can email Aleksandra Eriksen Isham ( They will then receive an email with additional information about the study to let them decide whether they want to participate in it. Individuals who agree to participate will be invited to complete a questionnaire to check that they meet the inclusion criteria of the study. Eligible individuals will be invited to take part in the study.

Monetary reward for completion of the study: £23.

All collected data will be confidential.

Contact details:
Aleksandra Eriksen Isham,

Approval code: PS13167

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