Participants wanted: Give your opinions for science

Eligibility criteria:  Participants must be aged 18 years or over.

Taking Part: Click here to complete our brief online survey.

Study description:We invite you to participate in an online experiment aiming to assess how different decisional utterances (e.g. “I think there is a very good chance I am right”) are interpreted. You should note there are no right or wrong answers across our experiment we are simply interested in your opinions, which will be given in the form of ratings, across a range of utterances.

You will be asked to complete a short online experiment. The experiment will be divided into two major parts, I) a demographics information form and II) a decisional utterance questionnaire. During the demographics information form, you will first provide a small amount of demographic information (e.g. your Age, Gender and Nationality). During the decisional utterances questionnaire, you will be asked to make rating scale judgements about a series of contextualised decisional utterances (e.g. “I am very unsure my old response was correct”). The information you provide will be anonymous and, should you give permission in the Consent Form, shared with other bona fide researchers and used for future scholarly purposes. Before agreeing to participate in this research you will be provided with a Participant Information Sheet that will further detail our research, allowing you to be fully informed before giving consent.

If you would like any more information please email Josephine Urquhart at

UTREC approval code: PS13645

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