Participants wanted: for a study on autobiographical memory

Project Title: An examination of voluntary and involuntary autobiographical memory retrieval in autism spectrum disorder.

This study is being conducted as part of my, Dr. Barbara Dritschel, research programme at the School of Psychology and Neuroscience, University of St Andrews. (Ethics Approval code PS14174)

We invite you to participate in a research project examining how being on the autism spectrum affects how one remembers personal experiences and how one deals with such memories. We are seeking individuals who are not not on the autism spectrum to serve as controls for this study.

You will first be asked to complete several measures of individual differences assessing your mood, your tendency to engage in systematizing behaviours, executive functioning that reflects the style of manipulating, inhibiting and generating information such as numbers and letters. You will also complete a short test of verbal ability as verbal ability can influence autobiographical memory retrieval.

During completion of the memory diary, you will be asked to record a total of 10 voluntary memories and 10 automatically arising memories, maximum 2 memories per day. For each memory, you will be asked to complete a questionnaire about the characteristics of the retrieved memory, and how you relate to and cope with it.

All collected data will be confidential.

Participants will be paid £15 for their participation.

Barbara Dritschel (PI)

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