Participants wanted: runners and joggers for a study on prediction guidance and running

You will be compensated with £4 and an accurate body composition measurement (i.e. total and segmented body fat percentages, bone mass, metabolic age, daily recommended calorie intake, and muscle mass) using a TANITA scale.

This study is being conducted as part of Konstantinos (Kostas) Liverakos’ PhD Research Programme in the School of Psychology & Neuroscience (Ethics approval code: PS14429), and it takes place at the University of St Andrews Sports Centre.

Participants are required to be 18-40 years old and have running or jogging experience (run or jog at least twice per week). Participant should have cumulative running experience of over a year.

The study involves one session, lasting for approximately 40 minutes. During each session, participants will be asked to complete 2 short questionnaires on running self-regulation and exercise experience. Following these, they will then have to complete 1 very short, high-intensity running workout.

If you are interested in taking part, please contact Kostas Liverakos (kl65) or sign up on SONA

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