Participants wanted: Psychology experiment on visual camouflage

Andrew Chua
Wednesday 14 February 2018

Visual Search for Camouflaged Objects

We invite you to participate in a research project on the effectiveness of countershading camouflage. Countershading is the darker colouration on an animal’s side that faces the sun, and lighter colouration on the side that is not exposed as much to the sun. Countershading is thought to allow an animal to blend into the background.

This experiment involves searching for a target shape among similar distractor shapes, all presented on a computer. Visual information such as shading or patterning on the shapes will vary in the experiment to investigate the effects of countershading under a variety of conditions.

£5 per 1 hour session.

To sign up, visit SONA (, or contact

UTREC approval code: PS13145

Researcher: Andrew Chua

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