Participants wanted – To What Extent is HR Adapting to Gig-Economy

The study is about the new conditions of gig-economy, and particularly how HR professionals might need to adapt to this new trend. If you are or was a gig worker (doing freelance work or project work with high flexibility, usually based on a technology platform, e.g. food delivery), we invite you to participate in this research project.

You will be asked to do an interview that we anticipate will take 45 minutes to complete.   The information you provide will be coded and held confidentially by researcher and supervisor involved in this project.   Before agreeing to participate in this research, you will be given a Participant Information Sheet that will further detail my research before consenting to participate.

If you would like to take part in the study or have further questions, please email Xiaojing Li at

Ethical Approval Code: MN13681

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