Pedagogical Research & Scholarship Conference (4th July)

This conference is being held as a prelude to the launch of the St Andrews Learning and Teaching Initiative (SALTI) in October this year and also to celebrate and disseminate some of the pedagogical research that is currently underway in the University. We hope to provide an informal platform for learning more about pedagogical research and scholarship opportunities, networking and a chance to help shape SALTI.

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Following a series of scholarly presentations in the morning, lunch and a networking opportunity will be provided. The afternoon session will take the form of a Café style workshop. The questions are intended to address issues raised in a discussion paper which will be circulated in advance, and will centre around ways in which an overarching, supportive pedagogical research and scholarship organisation in the University might best benefit our community.

At the end of the day we will open a call for collaborative research proposals from those present, the winner of which will be awarded £1000 by the University’s Enhancement Theme Committee. Proposals can be collaborations with other attendees/presenters, or an attendee can submit a collaboration with people who are unable to be there on the day, however the proposer must be in attendance on the day.

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