PhD viva examinations: best practice (14th November)

The PhD viva is a core part of the examination of PhD students and yet there is very little written about, and training given, in how to effectively examine PhD students.  For many examiners the only training will have been their own viva and learning from peers on the job. This ASDP workshop aims to support academics in becoming more effective examiners by exploring issues such as:

  • The University of St Andrews processes and expectations for viva examination.
  • What is regarded as best practice in terms of conducting a PhD viva.
  • How to effectively structure the viva to ensure that the process is rigorous and fair.
  • How to deal with difficult situations within the viva including challenging candidates, difficult examiners, and difficult outcomes.

Request a place:

The workshop will be facilitated by Dr Robin Henderson, who has over a decade of providing skills development in HE, with the St Andrews context provided by the PGR Pro Dean, Prof Sibylle Scheipers.

What previous participants have said about this course:

  • “It was excellent in all respects. The presenters were excellent and very knowledgeable. It was also very useful to hear about colleagues’ experiences.”
  • “Lots of practical advice on how to handle difficult situations.”
  • “Very useful and helpful for understanding the expectations of examining a viva and your duties and responsibilities as an examiner.  Great for learning about aspects of the viva that you might not have considered.”
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