Research data: why, when and how to publish them (12th October)

Anushrut Ramakrishnan Agrwaal
Wednesday 16 September 2020

This Gradskills workshop is aimed at research students in any year of study. This workshop will help gain an understanding of the benefits of publishing research data, but you will also learn about institutional and funders’ requirements. The workshop will introduce different options for publishing research data including Pure, the institutional repository. Licensing options and data citation best practice will also be covered.
This workshop will be delivered in the form of presentations, group discussions and exercises. Participants will be encouraged to contribute and ask questions. By the end of this workshop you should be able to understand institutional and funders’ requirements, choose a suitable data repository, use Pure to publish your data, publish your data legally and ethically, and choose a licence for your data.

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The workshop will be held via Microsoft Teams

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