CARMA research methods seminar series at University of St Andrews

Ralitza Nikolaeva
Tuesday 6 October 2020

CARMA research methods seminar series at University of St Andrews

Organizer: Dr Ralitza Nikolaeva, School of Management,

Sponsored by St Leonard’s Postgraduate College Development Fund

The series aims to offer research methods training through webcast lectures and online developmental seminars for social science researchers in the University of St Andrews. The series has been organised for PhD students and early career researchers but everyone is welcome to join. The series is organised in connection with the webcast lecture series broadcast by the Consortium for the Advancement of Research Methods and Analysis (CARMA). CARMA, currently hosted by Texas Tech University, was established to foster the global dissemination of social science research methods education. The CARMA Webcast Lecture Series, established in 2004, consists of ten live one-hour webcast lectures presented annually by nationally recognized methodologists.  You can find the schedule of the lectures here:


  • Increase the skillset of PhD students who are interested in pursuing academic careers – the series will expose them to methods outside of their particular specialisation which is valuable for their future careers as educators, researchers, and reviewers;
  • Increase interactions among PhD students from different schools and departments;
  • Facilitate discussions that could lead to interdisciplinary projects

Accessing CARMA Lectures

Anyone with a university email can create an account to login and access all the recordings from this year’s series as well as the archival recordings. Our subscription for the current academic year series does not cover real time participation (due to the time difference they fall outside of standard business hours).

Research seminars

A series of developmental seminars will provide opportunities to further discuss the method presented and to share experiences and ideas about possible applications of the methodology in current or future research projects. The seminars will be interdisciplinary and we invite participants from different backgrounds and schools to join. The primary target audience is PhD students and early career scholars, but we also welcome experienced researchers who are curious to learn about a new method or want to share their experience with the method.

The informal seminars will be held on the CARMA Teams Channel on Wednesdays from 13:00 to 14:00h, the week following the CARMA series webcast:

If you would like to attend the seminars, please contact Ralitza Nikolaeva ( to register your interest.

Date Topic
Oct 7 2020 Null and Equivalence Hypothesis Testing
Oct 28 2020 Reflexivity in Research Methods: Boundary Theory and the Researcher Role Continuum
Nov 11 2020 Average Power and Meta-Analysis
Nov 25 2020 Electronic Confederates in Experimental Research
Jan 27 2021 Qualitative Methods of Macro Research
Feb 10 2021 Multilevel Analysis
Feb 24 2021 Mediation Analysis
March 10 2021 Network Analysis
April 7 2021 A Multivariate Research Application with R
April 14 2021 Content Validation


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