How to be your own best editor (19th October)

Anushrut Ramakrishnan Agrwaal
Tuesday 6 October 2020

This GRADskills course is for postgraduate researchers in the second half of their PhD and research staff with limited writing experience. Skilful editing will transform a rough draft into a polished final version. This workshop will equip you with strategies for editing effectively. We will identify key aspects of high-quality writing and explore how to achieve those. Working with your own draft, you will learn to focus on different levels of your text and make appropriate editorial decisions. To attend this course, you need to have to hand a copy of the first few pages of a thesis chapter or article that you are currently working on. Don’t worry if its work in progress that is exactly what we are looking for. The workshop aims to help you identify key qualities of high-level professional writing, apply time management strategies that support effective editing, specify key tools in the editorial process and engage in collaborative editorial work.

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What previous participants have said about (the in-person version of) this course:

  • “Very relevant and applicable information on a difficult topic.”
  • “Hands-on approach with my own work in a collaborative setting. Multi-disciplinary approach was very useful in providing perspective.”
  • “Very practical workshop, eye-opening.”

This workshop is held via Zoom

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