Publish or perish: academic publishing in a nutshell (15th October)

Anushrut Ramakrishnan Agrwaal
Tuesday 6 October 2020

ONLY A FEW SPACES LEFT. This GRADskills workshop is aimed at PG researchers and academic and research staff.  Publishing your work and sharing your findings is a key component of a successful research career. Several skills are used during the process including collaborative writing, figure design, analysis and concise written communication.  Participants will be introduced to the editorial process, various publishing models, open access publishing, legal considerations and how to navigate the academic publishing process This workshop is designed to cover the key actions and issues behind publishing a research paper including manuscript preparation, choosing the appropriate journal and peer review. In addition, it will include an introduction to the controversial subject of metrics. The instructor’s own publishing experience will be used to illustrate key points. The workshop aims to help you understand and describe the scholarly publishing process, identify journals relevant for you research and plan a publication strategy that works for you and understand the phases of the publication process and how you can optimise the process to your advantage.

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The workshop will be held via Zoom


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