Coding Workshop (Software Carpentry) (6th November and 13th November)

Anushrut Ramakrishnan Agrwaal
Wednesday 14 October 2020

Does your research (now or in the future) require you to write code, develop or maintain programs, scripts or other code? If so, this 2-day workshop is for you! Software Carpentry teaches programming skills to researchers, enabling them to get more done in less time and with less pain. The team have moved online and will deliver the following two part workshop via Teams.

Dedicated to teaching basic computing software development skills to researchers, this workshop run by Software Carpentry is aimed at researchers who want to develop the computing skills they need to quickly organise their data and get more done in less time, and with less pain!

Topics covered:

  • Python is a popular general purpose high-level programming language which is particularly widely used among academics. It is available on all platforms and is easier for novices than most programming languages.
  • The Unix Shell allows you to control a computer by typing in commands, which can be combined to automate complex workflows.
  • The use of a version control system such as Git to manage files saves time, brings peace of mind and facilitates collaboration.


Part 1: Friday 6th November 9.30 AM- 5:00 PM
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Part 2: Friday 13 November 9.30 AM- 5:00 PM
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