Is my writing ‘academic’ enough? (21st October)

Anushrut Ramakrishnan Agrwaal
Wednesday 14 October 2020

This GRADskills workshop is aimed at research postgraduate students. Does academic writing have to be dull or obscure, or can it be engaging and clear? This workshop explores the standards and conventions (as well as the myths) that surround writing in an academic context. Our focus will be on identifying key requirements for strong academic writing, and translating those into practical checks to ensure that your text meets relevant expectations. The workshops aims to help you identify standards and conventions distinct to academic writing, develop a reflective approach to academic writing, based on an understanding of the relationship between academic goals and writing strategies, describe the impact of linguistic choices such as the use of active or passive constructions, and define textual properties like formality in terms of a continuum rather than a rigid dichotomy.

To attend this workshop, you need to bring some of your recent academic writing (ideally something you are working on at the moment).

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What previous participants have said about (the in-person version of) this course:

  • “Mimo is extremely skilled, and the workshop time, no matter the topic, provides extremely beneficial new/fresh methods of considering your work. Revitalising + clarifying.
  • “Very helpful for finding out what your supervisors seem to magically expect you to have.”
  • “Very useful – outlined what is required for academic writing with examples.”

The workshop is held via Zoom

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