Managing your research and working effectively with your supervisor (Sciences) (30th October)

Anushrut Ramakrishnan Agrwaal
Wednesday 14 October 2020

This GRADskills workshop is aimed at first year postgraduate researchers in the Sciences. Starting your PhD for many is a challenging time and often the first few months will be spent finding your feet and working out what you should be doing. This workshop aims to help you get going with your PhD more effectively and to ensure that you are as effective as you can be from the very start of the PhD. The workshop is participative and you will get an opportunity to meet and network with other PhD students. The workshops aims to help you, understand what exactly is expected within PhD studies, know what the overall structure of a PhD is and what you should be doing at different stages in your PhD, be able to plan your time and project more effectively, understand how to work effectively with your supervisor.

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What previous participants have said about this course:

  • “I would say that this workshop has been extremely helpful in providing hints and tips, as well as giving me confidence in this stage in my doctoral studies.”
  • “It helps personal organisation. Prompts you to think about your relationship with your supervisor.”
  • “I would recommend the value of being able to chat informally about general ideas and problems.”

The workshop is held via Zoom.

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