Discussion on social exclusion in the art world

Yang Yang
Wednesday 21 October 2020

Online discussion session

Stories of Social Exclusion (in the Art World)

GMT 4.30-6.30pm, 26 October 2020

Hosted by Minorities and Philosophy chapter of St Andrews and Stirling

Led by Yang Yang from Social Anthropology, University of St Andrews

Folks from certain backgrounds encounter social inequality and exclusion in the UK art world. How do their experiences, perceptions, and accounts improve our understanding of concepts like symbolic violence, tokenism, and micro-aggression? Does thinking in terms of these concepts create more division, or does it lead to a fairer society?

Art practitioners choose to endure social exclusion because they want to be valued by what they do. What is the relationship between social exclusion and individual ambition?

We might find ourselves in other people’s stories, and your feelings and thoughts are equally welcomed in this discussion. Don’t worry if you haven’t heard some of the terms, because they will be introduced in the discussion. Please come if you are curious!

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