Participants wanted: for vision research to potentially help stroke patients

Hilary Chan
Monday 5 July 2021

Calling for volunteers that are healthy with normal or corrected vision.

We are investigating the mechanisms that underlie a rehabilitation treatment for stroke patients in which patients follow with their eyes visual stimuli that move on a computer screen. The intervention is called Smooth Pursuit Eye Movement (SP).

Spatial neglect is a condition suffered by some stroke patients who find themselves unable to attend to one side of their visual space. It severely disrupts daily life, and understanding for effective treatments is wanting. 

This study consists of 1 online session and 3 to 5 in-person sessions. You will be recompensed for all the in-person sessions at £5/hr.

Sign up for a timeslot here:

You can also contact Hilary Chan ( or Eilidh Sandilands ( for further information. The ethical approval code is PS14876.

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