Copyright for teaching and research (February 9)

Anushrut Ramakrishnan Agrwaal
Wednesday 19 January 2022

This GRADskills workshop is open to all staff and research students. The workshop will provide an overview of what these laws and licences require, with guidance on what is and is not permitted in common academic scenarios where copyright issues arise.

Questions to be addressed will include: What is copyright? How long does it last? Who owns the copyright of material I create in the course of my work at the University? Which copyright licences does the University hold? How much may I quote from someone else’s work? Am I allowed to use copyright images in my academic work? How do I obtain permission to use images or extracts from someone else’s work? What copyright issues do I need to check when submitting an article to an Open Access journal? What are public copyright licences? What do I need to be aware of when submitting by e-thesis to the Institutional Repository? Could I be infringing copyright if I arrange for my lectures to be filmed? How do I organise digital course-readings of copyright materials for my students?

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What previous participants have said about this course:

  • “Well presented. Quite practical examples.”
  • “It is essential for researchers to plan ahead when obtain [sic] permissions with third-party materials.”
  • “If you don’t know/understand what copyright is, go to this course.”
  • “I would recommend attending this course because it’s very useful to know about it, to be aware of your rights as a researcher/creator.”

This workshop is held via Microsoft Teams

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