Volunteer Research Assistants Needed: 1b Telephone Recruitment

Effie Assan
Wednesday 23 November 2022

I am looking for up to 25 volunteer research assistants to assist a task on my doctoral research project.

The Project

The doctoral research project that this relates to is investigating the impact of covid-19 on the psychological and cognitive wellbeing of older people living in the U.K.

The Role – 1b Telephone Recruitment 

This role is the “1b – Telephone Recruitment” position. We have created a list of organisations in the UK (charities, day centres, forums, community groups etc.) that help older people, and need volunteer research assistants to contact them by phone to help recruit potential participants. Each volunteer research assistant will select a certain number of organisations to contact each week, depending on their availability (roughly between 5-10 per day).

Volunteer research assistants will receive training on what to do and ongoing support is provided.

Time Commitment

The start date for this role is ASAP. The role is expected to continue to 28/02/2023. The successful volunteer researchers will most likely need to allocate between 1-2 hours per week during ‘office hours’ (9am – 5pm Monday to Friday) to volunteer on the project.


This is a straightforward role which is completely flexible around student schedules. This role would be suitable for students from all disciplines and ideally suit 1st and 2nd year students who would like to start building experience on their CV and could lead to further research assistant opportunities on this doctoral research project, next academic year (2023-2024).

How to apply

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer researcher for this role (1b), please click here to complete the registration form with your Name, Email, Course of Study, Year of study and why you would like to take part. Alternatively you can email me directly at [email protected].

Effie Assan (She/ Her/ Hers)

PhD Student

[email protected]  // [email protected]

UTREC Ethical approval – PS15913

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