Online research skills courses for Postgraduate Researchers (Epigeum)

Lucy Hall
Wednesday 30 November 2022

The Research Skills Toolkit from Epigeum is a comprehensive, interactive online training resource for early-career researchers covering a broad range of essential skills. The Toolkit has 18 online modules covering ethics, research methods, working with your supervisor, academic publishing and much more. With your token, you will be able to access all courses with the Research Skills Toolkit: International logo. Please note that there will be some upcoming changes to the way in which Epigeum courses are organised by theme. This will not impact your access.

GRADskills (via CEED) 25 licences to allocate for this year. The licence gives you access to the online training materials from 31st July 2022 to 31st July 2023.  As we have a limited number of licences to allocate, priority is given to PhD students who are studying outside of the UK who might find it difficult to attend the online workshops in the GRADskills Programme due to time zone differences. We also prioritize those in the first year of their degree.

Find out more and request access to the Research Skills Toolkit 2022-23

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