Finding your (public engagement) voice (book now for 20 Jan)

Lucy Hall
Wednesday 11 January 2023

This workshop will run online.

This session is about how to go from ‘having a head full of complicated information’ to ‘effectively communicating some of that information to an audience’ using the skills and strengths that you already have.

We’ll cover:

  • Selecting what to communicate (You have time and space for less than you think – so what is the most important point?)
  • Considering who you want to communicate with (Do they need to know what you want to tell them? What existing knowledge or level of interest can you assume?)
  • Style (Do you want to be informative, entertaining, or both? Do you want to give facts or tell a story? Do you want to be authoritative or personal?)
  • Why it matters to you that you communicate at all (This will guide your answers to the other questions)

Using the answers to these questions, we’ll discuss ways of writing and speaking that can help you achieve your aims, as well as discussing some common pitfalls and how to avoid them.

Book your place on Finding your (public engagement) voice, Friday 20th January (this event will run online)

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