Grant writing: writing for success

Trish Strzelecka
Wednesday 21 February 2024

Great writing for any purpose is about both control over language and generously rewarding the reader by doing all the work for them. This workshop is a hands-on learning experience where you can learn the style, tone and formalities of grant applications and how to structure and build a narrative through the application. Tips on sentence structure and sentence variation will enable you to convey detailed or lengthy specific material without fatiguing the reader. Since so much of good writing is rewriting, editing skills are also taught to ensure that each sentence of your application is effective and that each paragraph and section flows smoothly. The workshop and surgery is aimed at those who are new to grant applications as well as the more experienced. Applications to Research Councils will be introduced.

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  • Finding funding during your PhD
  • Fundraising for your postdoc (predominantly Arts & Humanities focus)
  • From PhD to Postdoc: Making the Transition (Sciences)

What previous participants have said about this event:

  • “Great workshop that gives you a lot of insider knowledge of the grant application process. Very knowledgeable presenter.”
  • “Very clear and easy to follow advice.”
  • “Practical tips on grant content and the chance to work through these with relevant exercises.”
  • “Good introduction to grant writing. Great speaker too!”


Friday 23 February 2024
13.30 to 17.00

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