Speak up for success: Voice coaching for everyone

Trish Strzelecka
Wednesday 21 February 2024

Since listeners pay attention to how things are said as well as what is said, this course coaches you to achieve that professional broadcast and public speaking standard that gets your brilliant ideas across and allows you to feel so comfortable speaking that you can focus on your talk or conversation. No talking in front of others needed and group work is optional. Nervous or shy speakers especially welcome.

If the thought of talking in public or speaking without notes makes you shiver, then this is the course for you. Or perhaps you are already a confident speaker but would like to learn some techniques to improve your range or pace? The course will cover speaking smoothly, tone, breathing, developing a resonant voice and also how to make nerves disappear. The coaching will cover speaking to large groups and also speaking assuredly and formally to smaller audiences, such as conference break out groups or networking.

Microphone techniques are also covered to enable confident speaking on radio/TV/podcasts including TED talks. The unique blend of tips and techniques are drawn from broadcast journalism, public speaking, singing exercises and stand-up comedy.

Please bring headphones/ear buds and a phone, laptop or ipad to record your own voice on. Mics will be provided.

What previous participants have said about (the in-person version of) this course:

  • “Excellent event.  Must attend for all those who have to do public speaking.”
  • “Every topic was useful as it touched on areas that were the source of my weaknesses from which I have benefited a lot.”
  • “It’s certainly worth attending, particularly if you’re a nervous speaker.  Focus is on practical tips to help you sound better.”

Friday 1 March 2024
09.30 to 12.30

Please use PDMS to sign up: https://www.st-andrews.ac.uk/pdms/

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