Sutherland Page Trust – Deadline for Applications

Undergraduate or postgraduate Scottish students studying: Medicine Law Arts Divinity Science.  Application deadline is 5pm on Monday 20th November 2017. Please follow this link for more information.

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Participants wanted – Health care needs and services at university

This study is being conducted with Enhancement Theme funding awarded by CAPOD (St Andrews) and expands upon research undertaken as part of my, Rayna Rogowsky’s, MSc Health Psychology dissertation in the School of Medicine.

We invite you to participate in a research project investigating students’ perspectives on their health care needs and services. We are seeking participation from  undergraduate and postgraduate students who self-identify as having a long-term illness, disability, or medical condition. This study involves an interview that will last no longer than 45 minutes. Before the interview, you will be asked to complete a brief questionnaire. The project’s researcher and supervisors will confidentially handle the information you provide. Prior to consenting to take part in this study, you will receive a Participant Information Sheet that will provide further information about the project and an opportunity for you to ask any questions. Thank you for your consideration.

Reward: A maximum of 30 participants will be recruited for interview. Each participant will be offered £4 compensation for taking part in the interview.

Researcher contact details: Rayna Rogowsky at

UTREC Approval Code: MD12586


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HR revised Grievance Policy

Human Resources, in consultation with our recognised Trade Unions (UCU, UNISON and UNITE), has developed a new/revised Grievance Policy which can be found here:

The key issues to highlight are:

  • A single document now covers all employees.
  • Emphasis on resolving disputes and complaints informally where possible.
  • Inclusion of section on mediation.
  • More user friendly and less bureaucratic.


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Editors Wanted for St Leonard’s College Magazine

St Leonard’s Doctoral and Postgraduate College is seeking applications from postgraduates who can manage the design and production of the 2018 St Leonard’s College Magazine.

Two positions are available – Editor-in-Chief and Features Editor. The positions are open to current postgraduates – Masters students or doctoral students – who have the creative and project management skills needed to produce a magazine that will be of interest to the whole postgraduate community.

The positions will be of particular interest to postgraduates who want to demonstrate their personal and professional competencies and enhance their CVs. The successful applicants will each receive a small stipend.

How to Apply

Postgraduates who wish to apply for these positions may do by email to St Leonard’s College – please email

The email should:

  • state your home School, degree programme (PhD, MSc, MLitt, etc.), and the month and year that you started your degree
  • state which position you are applying for or whether you wish to be considered for either position
  • briefly describe why you are applying – in particular noting how this relates to your personal and/or professional development
  • note any relevant experience – this might be experience which demonstrates skills such as project management or conducting interviews or more directly relevant experience such as blogging or writing articles/notices for journals or other publications

Application emails must be submitted no later than 17:00 (UK time) Friday 1 December 2017.

Further Enquiries

Postgraduates with any further questions regarding these positions are invited to contact Brett Dodgson at St Leonard’s College – please email

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Library Helpdesk Services achieves Customer Service Excellence

The University Library is proud to announce that we have successfully achieved Customer Service Excellence (CSE) accreditation, a government standard, for aspects of our service. To achieve this award, we measured what we defined as the Library’s ‘Helpdesk Services’ – grouped under three headings: ‘enquiries, support and outreach’; ‘access to resources’; and ‘spaces’. Helpdesk Services were assessed across five themes: user insight, the culture of the organisation, information and access, delivery and timeliness, and quality of service.

This accreditation represents independent validation that we strive to design our services, spaces and resources around the needs of the University’s academic community.

Read more on our blog.

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Participants wanted – Seeking Dads: For Online Child Food Study

If you are a dad of a child aged 2-4 years, we invite you to take part in a study to help understand the influence of different factors on food intake in children. The study involves completing an online questionnaires (20 minutes), and a brief task at the University of St Andrews (15 minutes). We offer a £10 Amazon voucher for completing the study.

Contact Dr Sharon Carstairs at for more information and to take part.

UTREC approval code: MD12886

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Innovation Grant & PG Conference Fund (apply by 13th November)

Staff and research postgraduate students are invited to apply for funding to support:

  • Innovative projects to develop transferable skills training resources or activities for research postgraduate students (up to £2000).
  • Conferences organised by and for research postgraduates (up to £1000 of matched funding).

For more information and how to apply, see: The deadlines for this academic year are: 13th November and 12th March.  Students apply via the online funding portal, staff email applications directly to CAPOD.

The sorts of Innovation Grant projects that have been funded in the past include a new text-encoding workshop, an animal handling skills course, and developing a new online academic journal, but the aim is to encourage a creative approach to transferable skills development, so let your imagination run wild!

If you are interested in running an academic conference for postgraduates to present their research, you can apply to the PG Conference Fund.  Key conditions are that GRADskills will only match funding already awarded, and applicants must attend the Conference planning for postgraduates workshop or have similar training or relevant experience.

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Making a movie on your mobile device (13th November)

From crowdfunding videos to filming presentations, short films are increasingly important to communicating effectively with an audience. This course will teach you all the basics for making and editing a short film. With lots of practical examples it looks at everything you need to know to create a short film; storyboarding, scripts, shooting, camera angles, titles, editing, sound, and also transferring large files and uploading and distribution. No technical knowledge assumed and there will be hands-on practical experience throughout.  If possible please bring a laptop/ipad/iphone or similar device.

Request a place:

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Grant writing: writing for success (13th November)

Great writing for any purpose is about both control over language and generously rewarding the reader by doing all the work for them. This workshop is a hands-on learning experience where you can learn the style, tone and formalities of grant applications and how to structure and build a narrative through the application. Tips on sentence structure and sentence variation will enable you to convey detailed or lengthy specific material without fatiguing the reader. Since so much of good writing is rewriting, editing skills are also taught to ensure that each sentence of your application is effective and that each paragraph and section flows smoothly. The workshop and surgery is aimed at those who are new to grant applications as well as the more experienced. Applications to Research Councils will be introduced.

Request a place:

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Volunteer Zambia: Education

Volunteer Zambia: Education is a partnership between the University of St Andrews and the Zambian Non-Government Organisation, Sport In Action. The project involves University staff and students living and working for 5 weeks each summer in Kazemba – a rural Zambian village – to help staff and pupils at the local school, and the wider village community, with literacy skills.

This life-changing opportunity offers experience in:

  • Teaching: including literacy, games and music
  • Fundraising;
  • International Development and Healthcare;
  • Journalism and Reporting;
  • Project Management, and more…

For more information including details of how to apply:


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