Postgraduates: Meet the Teams Behind the Scenes (20 September)

Don’t forget to pop in to Parliament Hall between 2pm and 5pm on Wednesday 20 September to ‘meet the teams behind the scenes’ over tea and cake. Representatives of units and services from across the University will be on hand to answer questions and share what they can do to help make your time as a postgraduate in St Andrews successful, happy and fulfilling. We look forward to seeing you.

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Reminder to apply for your new parking permit

All current parking permits expire on 30 September 2017. University car parking permits have previously been issued every two years, however, in order to reduce bureaucracy, permits issued from 1 October 2017 will be valid for four years. Existing permit holders and new staff who wish to park in University car parks after 30 September 2017 should apply for their new permit online now.

Please check/update your registration number(s) and work address details where appropriate. Out-of-date permits will only remain valid until you have received your new permit, provided you have applied. Old Permits must be destroyed on receipt of a new one. Visit the parking portal for more information and a copy of the University’s Car Parking Regulations.

During the renewal period, Estates receive a high volume of applications from both staff and students and ask you not to re-apply or phone the unit until three weeks has elapsed since your application. Any other queries can be addressed to Fiona Kelly at

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Open Association Lectures and Courses

We still have places available for our Sign Language courses. Choose from iBSL which runs over both semesters or Introduction to British Sign Language which is for just one semester. Also, have a look at our fantastic selection of Friday Evening Lectures, ranging from Deep-Water Marine Archaeology, Plague and the Black Death, How Extremists use Social Media, Coastlines of Britain and many more. For further information visit the Open Association website:

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Advanced Reception Skills 4th October

This course is part of the Passport to Administrative Excellence Programme. This ½ day is devoted to refreshing the communication and image-building skills of front-line staff, with particular focus on developing the skills needed to deal with difficult or sensitive situations on the phone or face to face.


  • Recognise the importance of image and communication for “front of office” staff
  • Be aware of the barriers to positive image and communication
  • Be aware of techniques for handling “tough calls”, difficult or sensitive situations.

Book a place

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McCall MacBain Teaching Excellence Award (apply by 26th February)

The University of St Andrews is grateful to the McCall MacBain Foundation for enabling us to establish a new award scheme to recognise staff that have shown outstanding contributions to teaching.  In order to provide a distinctive complement to our existing university and student-led teaching award schemes which already recognise great teaching, the McCall-MacBain award focuses on those that contribute by advancing the scholarship of teaching and learning.

The award is a bursary of £750, to be used for personal and professional development in relation to teaching. It is expected that if award winners are not yet registered as Fellows of the Higher Education Academy, part of the bursary would be used to develop and support an individual application for the relevant category of Fellowship.

The awards are competitive, and we expect to make between 8 and 15 awards in each year for three years. For full details of the criteria and to submit an application, see:

The deadline for applications is 26th February 2018.  The applications will be judged by a panel appointed by the Proctor, and applicants will be notified of the outcome by 26th March.

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Negotiation Skills 9th October

Do you find it difficult or stressful to easily make your views known to colleagues and line managers?  Do you have trouble saying ‘no’ when others ask you to fit another task into an already over-crowded schedule? If so try developing your negotiation and boundary-setting skills to help with these and other situations.

This is a Passport to Management Excellence course that will enable you to negotiate easily and successfully in any area of your life. The situation might vary but the key skills involved in negotiating any situation stay constant. The course will teach you how to gracefully set boundaries, getting the best out of every situation and keeping goodwill from everyone involved.

Book now

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St Leonard’s College Magazine – Out Now

2017-18 St Leonard’s College Magazine is out now and available online

This edition of the St Leonard’s College Magazine features an interview with the Principal, Professor Sally Mapstone, reflections on designing a personal PhD “landscape”, and a look at the benefits of public engagement. Other articles cover:

  • the 2016 St Leonard’s College Postgraduate Lectures
  • how fieldwork brings research to life
  • who does what in the Postgraduate Society
  • combining comedy and academia in the Bright Club

Copies of the magazine are available from the Students’ Association Building or you can read the magazine online.

Many thanks to all those colleagues and postgraduates who have contributed to this year’s magazine and, in particular, Hannah Lawrence who coordinated the editing and production.

About St Leonard’s Doctoral and Postgraduate College

St Leonard’s Doctoral and Postgraduate College is at the heart of the postgraduate community of St Andrews. Supporting both Masters students and PhD students St Leonard’s College works to promote a culture in which postgraduate scholarship, creativity, and discovery flourish.

Keep up with the latest St Leonard’s College news and events – follow us on social media:

This message is posted on behalf of the Provost of St Leonard’s College.

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University art group

Are you interested in drawing or painting in an absorbing and friendly environment, and meeting students and colleagues from other departments in the University?

DABS (the ‘Doing Art in the Bell Pettigrew’ Society) is a group of postgraduate students and staff who meet every other Tuesday evening from 7 to 10pm in the Bell Pettigrew Museum of Natural History, located in the Bute Building, to draw some of the many interesting specimens on display. We usually begin with refreshments and a chat, before dispersing around the museum to draw or paint whatever takes our fancy.

This is not an art class; it is a very informal, bring-your-own-materials affair for anyone who enjoys art and finds it fun or relaxing to draw. All postgraduate students and staff are welcome, regardless of artistic ability!

Our first session of the 2017-2018 academic year will be at 7pm on Tuesday 26 September (Week 2). If you are interested in coming along, or have any questions, please contact Alice Carradice:

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Apply to be on an On The Rocks subcommittee!

Subcommittee applications for On The Rocks 2018 are open!

On The Rocks is the largest student-run arts festival in the UK, as well as a subcommittee of the Students’ Association.

2018 will be the 10th anniversary of the festival, so the committee are hoping to make the festival even bigger and better than ever before. There are positions available on our events, venues & tech, press, community & outreach and marketing & design subcommittees, and we are also looking for enthusiastic individuals to take up the roles of Art On The Rocks Officer, Sponsorship Officer and Logistics Officer.

Being on a subcommittee is a wonderful way to get involved in the arts in St Andrews and we look forward to having you on board!

Applications can be found on our website: and are open until Wednesday 27th September.

If you have any questions, please direct these to the On The Rocks website, Facebook page or to the committee, who will be more than happy to answer them!

Best of luck!

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Inaugural Lecture by Professor Malinda Carpenter, School of Psychology and Neuroscience (27 September)

Wednesday 27 September 2017 at 5.15pm in School III, St Salvator’s Quadrangle.

The Lecture will be followed by a reception in Lower College Hall.

All Welcome.

Our children’s social and prosocial development:

The good news, the bad news and what we can do to help

I will present a broad overview of my research on infants’ and young children’s social and prosocial (e.g., helping and sharing) behaviour.  The good news coming out of this research is that, beginning already in infancy, we are extremely affiliative and prosocial:  We care about others’ feelings and needs, we help others achieve their goals, we enjoy cooperating and we try to behave morally and fairly.  The bad news is that these positive behaviours are often directed selectively at our ‘in-group’ members – people who are like us – which can result in serious negative consequences such as prejudice and exclusion toward people who we may see as different from us.  Luckily, my research shows just how easy it can be to intervene to increase various types of positive behaviour in young children.  While presenting this research, I will highlight potential links with other academics (e.g., in philosophy, computer science and international relations).  I will also mention plans to partner with interested educators to develop simple programmes for use in nurseries and schools to promote positive values like equality, inclusion and considerateness.  Finally, I will briefly introduce the University of St Andrews Baby and Child Research Lab to parents who might be interested in participating in this and other developmental psychology research with their children.


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